Thursday, 22 September 2011

UKZN Green updates

Many organisations in the university are starting to support green movements and promote students to be more environmentally friendly. SIFE UKZN will be hosting a recycling Aluminium Awareness campaign in the coming week so been the look out for ways in which you can recycle aluminium and other products such as waste,paper and cans, SCREAM will also be in support of this initiation. Fashion Show for Christ also had  modelers model  recyclable gear and the SCREAM organisation had a campus cleanup recently. In all these activities that have been done by UKZN students, it just goes to show how the next generation changing its mindset in becoming more environmentally friendly, slowly more and more people will be aware.

Monday, 5 September 2011


SCREAM! An action used not only to get attention but to also be HEARD and recognized! This is exactly what the SCREAM organization has been doing around the areas of Scottsville. SCREAM is a green initiative organization which also focuses on social issues. It currently has 40 members with the hopes of expanding in the years to come. One of the main changes to getting a more green society is to start making an impact and change in the mindset of our youth, which are our next generation of leader’s. Our GreenGal had the privilege of seeing the way SCREAM is trying to change the next generation. Early on a Friday morning the SCREAM organization went to Scottsville Primary to make them more aware that they are never to young to recycle and to take care of the environment. The school currently has a recycling system which has been running for the past 8 years and from the recycling money they were able to plant more trees and built a court yard which the students are now able to play in during their lunch time. SCREAM has also joined the school in this initiative as they will be going in weekly to help with any environmental activities the school will be doing. As most know that not many young people are involved in taking care of the current increasing environmental degradation and by outreaching into schools it is a way of reaching out into the society. SCREAM has also partnered with Hope for a Green Campus with cleaning up the campus and it also is looking to expand into old age homes, children’s homes, businesses and more schools. The SCREAM organization is a great start to making to making an impact and change in the region of Pietermaritzburg. So get involved and SCREAM FOR CHANGE!

Sunday, 28 August 2011


The 1st day of spring is approaching and most importantly this week is recognised as a week of planting trees! Arbor week is an initiative which focuses on planting trees to expand the formation of trees in our communities and schools worldwide.  The week is nearly approaching as it is due to run from the 1st – 7th of September. Many companies are participating in Arbor week. Companies such as Total in South Africa and SABC are proud sponsor and supporter of Arbor Day. Every year schools, businesses and industries are encouraged to plant trees in that week. As most may remember this day in primary school as  being a day of standing in the blazing sun and planting tree after tree, many people are unaware of the great impact which planting a tree does to the environment. Not only does it “green” the environment, but it also helps bring life and heart into communities. Most importantly without oxygen there is no life and by planting a tree you providing life into our environment and to YOUR own life. With the current increasing rate of deforestation and the removal of our forests for development, days like this should not be for a weekonly, but rather should be sustained to run throughout the month or year. The knowledge and the spreading of climate change and global warming is influencing our society greatly and rapidly especially with the increasing rate of carbon emission. Start this week to apply the 4 “R’s” in your own personal life which are RECYCLE, RE-USE, REDUCE and RESPECT and make a change!

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Green Gadgets:

More and more companies are becoming supporting the GREEN movements. There have been great new and exciting innovations on eco- friendly gadgets.  Cars are one of the highest emitters of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere so why not go green and hook yourself up with the new Puma glow in the dark bicycle. By this bike glowing in the dark it makes it more convenient for you to ride at night. Not only is it modern and green, but it also reduces your carbon footage!

The Solar cell scarp is one of the recent ways which instead of you recharging your cellphone with the ordinary battery which uses up more energy. The solar cell scraper works as an add on which you clip onto your phone and then uses the energy which is received from the sun and recycles it to charge your battery

      Organic wear has introduced new cosmetics which are not only environmentaly friendly but also are organic. Their products are 100% free from harsh chemicals; therefore this makes it healthier for ones skin and has no added preservatives.  It is 100% NATURAL and all packaging is recyclable!!!!!!! So exciting! They produce products such as eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, moisturizers, lip gloss etc. GET INVOLVED LADIES! (and men if you want)

      Computer companies are also joining the green movement on being The Dell Studio Hybid. This is on the greenest desktops made in today’s current time. It is made of recyclable material and uses an energy efficient Intel Core Duo.

      Phillips has also modernized their technology and created an Eco friend Phillips TV. The TV capability to dim lights when it detects that the sunlight is dimming shows that it is able to save energy by using less energy power than regular LCDs                       .

Monday, 15 August 2011

Deforestation, illegal waste dumping and Somalia

Most people have seen the devastation and extreme suffering which the Somalia civilians are experiencing currently. What is more notable for me is the environmental challenges which the Somalia civilians are surrounded by, mainly desertification. Deforestation is one of the main causes for the changing climate conditions and extinction of species. Somalia has had an alarming increase in deforestation over the last seven years. Already the country is a savanna with few forests and limited rainfall, but yet people still cut off trees for economic trading and trees are being exported in volumes. What most people do not realize is that although the country’s GDP is increasing there is also an equilateral increase in droughts which lead to water shortage and starvation in rural areas as most communities are dependent in the rainwater for livestock. There is also a reduction in land suitable for grazing as well soil erosion, increase in desertification, and a decrease in the habitat for animal species and loss of biodiversity as well as the increase of runoff. In turn this causes major environmental degradation and affects the livelihood and socio-economic aspects of the society. Somalia geographical location has also made it a place suitable for Illegal hazardous waste dumping. In return this affects the fresh water supply to people and the increase of deaths amongst the civilians living on the coastlines. There has also been an increasing improper disposal of solid waste by the local people this affecting the public health and individual health. All these environmental challenges are caused by the negligence of the human population and of Somalia as yet till today there is no solid environmental protection in existences. Somalia should be an eye opener for many underdeveloped countries to take caution to their environment and to take charge over the exploitation from the developed countries.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Green Royal Wedding

 The elegant Charlene Wittstock and handsome Prince Albert tied the knot this weekend on the 2nd of July. Not only was this wedding stylish, simple and elegant, but it also supported the movement towards sustainable environmental development. It was said that the new royal couple showed their declaration or support to environmental protection by using the latest green technology which was a special version of the Lexus LS 600hL.
This car is a new innovation to eco-friendly transport. It is not only eco- friendly but it also makes an important link between modern luxury and eco-friendly transport. The handsome looking Lexus is said to be 17 feet long and it was used in escorting the newlyweds in the streets of Monaco using only electricity. The car was operating in the zero emission mode, driving under electric motor power alone. This is the key importance to the car as it reduces carbon impact to the environment.
The royal couple showed great innovation to protecting the environment and did it in style!!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Blood Red Moon

Many of us got a glimpse as what is refered to as the luner eclipse last night at 8:22pm. It has been said that the last time it appeared was in July 2000 and the next that should be expected is in 2018.
The most intresting part of the whole experience for me was that even people who claim not to care about the different changes our environment is facing where outside camping in the cold waiting to see the blood red moon, updating there facebook statues minutes and minutes as the eclipse was happening. This shows how greatly the environment has its own influence in  peoples lives, although some may be undercover about their intrest for the enviromnment, some may claim not to care , yesterday was evidence that as the FIFA world cup brought together nations so did the luner eclipse. More and more incidences are proving to unite nations such as the recent tsunami that occured in Japan. So why is it that people act too cool to care for the environment? I can proudly say that we all have an intrest in the environment. Can we change that caring to see changes in the emvironment as in the Luner eclipse to positve changes in the way to treat our environment? how was your experience?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

changing climates and world ending

Currently there are many changes in our climates and weather and not so long ago there were predictions of the world coming to an end on the 21st of May. There have been floods,earthquakes,volcanic eruptions,tsunamis in the past 5 months. Some have assocaiated this with the theory that the world is coming to an end.. whats your view on this?