Thursday, 16 June 2011

Blood Red Moon

Many of us got a glimpse as what is refered to as the luner eclipse last night at 8:22pm. It has been said that the last time it appeared was in July 2000 and the next that should be expected is in 2018.
The most intresting part of the whole experience for me was that even people who claim not to care about the different changes our environment is facing where outside camping in the cold waiting to see the blood red moon, updating there facebook statues minutes and minutes as the eclipse was happening. This shows how greatly the environment has its own influence in  peoples lives, although some may be undercover about their intrest for the enviromnment, some may claim not to care , yesterday was evidence that as the FIFA world cup brought together nations so did the luner eclipse. More and more incidences are proving to unite nations such as the recent tsunami that occured in Japan. So why is it that people act too cool to care for the environment? I can proudly say that we all have an intrest in the environment. Can we change that caring to see changes in the emvironment as in the Luner eclipse to positve changes in the way to treat our environment? how was your experience?

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