Thursday, 7 July 2011

Green Royal Wedding

 The elegant Charlene Wittstock and handsome Prince Albert tied the knot this weekend on the 2nd of July. Not only was this wedding stylish, simple and elegant, but it also supported the movement towards sustainable environmental development. It was said that the new royal couple showed their declaration or support to environmental protection by using the latest green technology which was a special version of the Lexus LS 600hL.
This car is a new innovation to eco-friendly transport. It is not only eco- friendly but it also makes an important link between modern luxury and eco-friendly transport. The handsome looking Lexus is said to be 17 feet long and it was used in escorting the newlyweds in the streets of Monaco using only electricity. The car was operating in the zero emission mode, driving under electric motor power alone. This is the key importance to the car as it reduces carbon impact to the environment.
The royal couple showed great innovation to protecting the environment and did it in style!!

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