Sunday, 28 August 2011


The 1st day of spring is approaching and most importantly this week is recognised as a week of planting trees! Arbor week is an initiative which focuses on planting trees to expand the formation of trees in our communities and schools worldwide.  The week is nearly approaching as it is due to run from the 1st – 7th of September. Many companies are participating in Arbor week. Companies such as Total in South Africa and SABC are proud sponsor and supporter of Arbor Day. Every year schools, businesses and industries are encouraged to plant trees in that week. As most may remember this day in primary school as  being a day of standing in the blazing sun and planting tree after tree, many people are unaware of the great impact which planting a tree does to the environment. Not only does it “green” the environment, but it also helps bring life and heart into communities. Most importantly without oxygen there is no life and by planting a tree you providing life into our environment and to YOUR own life. With the current increasing rate of deforestation and the removal of our forests for development, days like this should not be for a weekonly, but rather should be sustained to run throughout the month or year. The knowledge and the spreading of climate change and global warming is influencing our society greatly and rapidly especially with the increasing rate of carbon emission. Start this week to apply the 4 “R’s” in your own personal life which are RECYCLE, RE-USE, REDUCE and RESPECT and make a change!

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