Sunday, 21 August 2011


Green Gadgets:

More and more companies are becoming supporting the GREEN movements. There have been great new and exciting innovations on eco- friendly gadgets.  Cars are one of the highest emitters of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere so why not go green and hook yourself up with the new Puma glow in the dark bicycle. By this bike glowing in the dark it makes it more convenient for you to ride at night. Not only is it modern and green, but it also reduces your carbon footage!

The Solar cell scarp is one of the recent ways which instead of you recharging your cellphone with the ordinary battery which uses up more energy. The solar cell scraper works as an add on which you clip onto your phone and then uses the energy which is received from the sun and recycles it to charge your battery

      Organic wear has introduced new cosmetics which are not only environmentaly friendly but also are organic. Their products are 100% free from harsh chemicals; therefore this makes it healthier for ones skin and has no added preservatives.  It is 100% NATURAL and all packaging is recyclable!!!!!!! So exciting! They produce products such as eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, moisturizers, lip gloss etc. GET INVOLVED LADIES! (and men if you want)

      Computer companies are also joining the green movement on being The Dell Studio Hybid. This is on the greenest desktops made in today’s current time. It is made of recyclable material and uses an energy efficient Intel Core Duo.

      Phillips has also modernized their technology and created an Eco friend Phillips TV. The TV capability to dim lights when it detects that the sunlight is dimming shows that it is able to save energy by using less energy power than regular LCDs                       .

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